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Manhattan Beach is home to a good number of undesirable pests, for instance the not so welcome wasp. The appearance of a wasp would depend on the type it actually is but many feature two pairs of wings and squeezed waists.

Certain wasps are interpersonal and like to live in colonies, just like bees, and may vary from hundreds to thousands within a single colony. Females are in control of functions in the nest and protect the eggs. The unsocial wasp types want to dwell alone and can lay offspring, however they leave them in the nest alone.

You’ll find both parasitic and aggressive wasps within the Manhattan Beach area. Aggressive wasps are not always a terrible pest as they will consume the other pests close by so as to feed their larvae. Parasitic wasps will definitely lay offspring but not within the nest; they will lay them in a caterpillar or spider from where the larvae has continuous nourishment via the live host.

Never assume all wasps are overly aggressive but ones that are can definitely pack a punch whenever they sting a person. The fact is they will sting several times if necessary. Wasps can be a bonus for the environment regarding their role of preying on additional bugs that destroy landscaping flowers and plants and vegetation.

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