Ticks belong in the Family Ixodidae and will range in color dependent upon their type. The standard size of a tick is 1 centimeter long for adults and larvae less than 1 millimeter long. Manhattan Beach suffers from a range of usual tick types which includes the American dog tick and the deer tick. Our tick control Manhattan Beach technicians have the skills and experience to help you rid your property of unwanted ticks; call today!

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Ticks are generally uncovered wherever heavy woods or remarkably vegetated regions are. A number of tick types won’t be able to get by without moisture content and both females and males require the blood of reptiles, mammals and birds for their meal source.

Ticks feature a four-stage life cycle – (1) egg, (2) larvae, (3) nymph and (4) adult. They begin with six legs while larvae and then have eight legs through the very last phases. Regardless of the life-cycle phase, they require blood to survive. Certain bacteria and pathogenic agents may cause health problems and passed on to a host or infected animal.

Indications You Have a Tick Invasion

You’ll know if ticks are infiltrating your house once you begin seeing them. If you’ve got domestic pets and discover ticks on them, you almost certainly have ticks within your house or at least areas your pet frequents. Some individuals who endure tick bites might possibly endure significant side effects which are often managed by a physician.

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